From Moray to the Scottish Parliament 

Travelling to Edinburgh for Connecting Equalities

On Tuesday 28th March, 3 of us from the beautiful coastal village of Burghead on the Moray coast travelled together by train down to Edinburgh to attend OTB’s Parliamentary event at Holyrood. 

Outside the Box had invited MSP’s, Councilors, community members and members of various charities along to an event to meet, and hear people speak about their connections with the charity. 

Jane on the train to Edinburgh, smiling and laughing Three of us from Moray outside the Holyrood Parliament building

We were provided with food, drink, and a very relaxed warm evening listening, and supporting people who very bravely gave speeches, explaining how Outside the Box’s Human Rights-based approach helped them and supported their own charities.

  Guests getting snacks and drinks in the Parliament Tweet from Moments of Freedom. 'Today Outside the Box heads to Edinburgh to host a parliamentary reception for partners and MSPs. The women of Moments of Freedom will screen a video to share their work and the impact in their community. We can't wait to see it! #ConnectingEqualities #Ramadan2023 '

There were talks from the member-run New Beginnings Club and Dr Donald Macaskill (the Chair of Outside the Box’s board).  The Moments of Freedom group sent a video message too, as they couldn’t attend due to Ramadan celebrations.

Joan giving a talk Joan giving a talk

Joan, one of our three, also gave a speech thanking Outside the Box for supporting our village and surrounding area. Together we established social hubs through the winter months, the democracy day event and the community garden fun day. 

It was a wonderful event, friendly, and social, with people milling around, chatting, and networking. Thank you everyone for a superb evening!

After the Scottish Parliament event

There was a lot of positive buzz about the event online. Here are just a few of the highlights from Twitter:

Tweet from Harry Johnson, one of our Trustees, reads 'Had a really wonderful evening at Outside the Box's parliamentary reception, hearing about the incredible work of people and communities across Scotland. Also great to finally meet staff and fellow trustees in person after so many Zoom calls! Can't wait to see what comes next'. Photo of 5 members of our team smiling in the ParliamentTweet reading 'Thank you to @GlasgowPat and @PaulJSweeney for joining us this evening to talk about all things Outside the Box!' Photo of MSPs Pam Duncan-Glancy and Paul Sweeney at our event, holding Outside the Box and Connecting Equalities banners

Tweet from Volunteer Centre East Lothian 'Tonight we are attending Connecting Inequalities Parliamentary reception. Hosted by Outside the Box and MSP Jeremy Balfour. So many fabulous organisations doing amazing work in our communities.' Photo of their team in the ParliamentTweet from Donald Macaskill reads 'A real honour to hear such amazing grassroots stories of community development work supported by Outside the Box at the #ConnectingEqualities event at the Scottish Parliament this evening. Inspiring people from Moray, West Dunbartonshire, East Lothian and many more places.'

Now, we’re going to keep on working hard supporting communities to share their knowledge, build a culture of human rights, and have their voices heard.

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Connecting Equalities

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