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Outside the Box
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About us

Outside the Box provides development support to groups and people across Scotland who want to make a difference in their communities.

We began in 2004. We are a small, independent charity and aim to work as a social enterprise.

We give practical support and enable people to learn the types of skills that are important both for establishing new ventures and for sustaining them.

We assist people to contribute on issues that are about how their community or how society works – such as when older people want to offer their skills and experience to families and young people – as well as on matters that are specific to their own circumstances.

We encourage people to think of themselves and other people as citizens, rather than as recipients of services or as people who are restricted by a particular description or label.

Over the years have learned about the issues that affect the thousands of people and hundreds of groups with whom we’ve worked and about what sorts of community development support work best in different situations.

You can help support our work building strong inclusive communities right across Scotland by making a one-off or regular donations. To learn more about how this money will be spent, contact


The starting point for Outside the Box’s work is our belief that Scotland has too many people who are marginalised and disadvantaged or because of their age, gender, sexuality, ethnicity, disability, or because they live in poverty or in an area which has few resources.

As a consequence, individual people do not have the same opportunities and choices that other people enjoy, and the community as a whole is poorer for the loss of those potential contributions.

We believe that people who are marginalised are part of the solution to these problems.

  • Everyone can contribute to their community and to society if they have the right encouragement and support. One of the contributions we all make is our presence.
  • Everyone’s experience and ideas matter.
  • The labels society puts on people do not change the contributions we are all able to make.
  • There are benefits both to individual people, and to our communities, when all people are welcomed and included.
  • Everyone has the right to have access to services and other supports that are relevant to their circumstances and choices, which are delivered to high standards, and which treat them and others with respect.
  • Organisations are better at what they do when they listen to, act on and learn from the views and experiences of the people whom they are there to serve, and when they work in partnership with their communities.
  • Action to make real, sustainable change happen starts from where people are, and works with their strengths, enthusiasms and priorities.
  • We can all get ideas from what other people have done and what has been tried in other places. We can also share what we have learned with other people.
  • Society is stronger when we celebrate each other’s contributions and value our own.

Some of our work is delivered in partnership with the National Development Team for Inclusion.

All of our work involves partnerships with other people and organisations.

Our Workplace

Outside The Box is a recognised ‘Mum Friendly Workplace’, meaning we meet the standards identified by mums as being supportive and flexible for mums returning to work.

Living Wage logo

Outside The Box is a certified Living Wage employer.

Our Team
  • Anne Connor
    Anne Connor

    Chief Executive

  • Jill Keegan
    Jill Keegan

    Community Development Advisor

  • Kate Robertson
    Kate Robertson

    Community Development Advisor

  • Ania Sandland
    Ania Sandland

    Community Development Advisor

  • Louise Willson
    Louise Willson

    Community Development Advisor

  • Ciara Maguire
    Ciara Maguire

    Community Worker

  • Christine Ryder
    Christine Ryder

    Community Worker

  • Ruth Noble
    Ruth Noble

    Development Worker (Food Buddies Borders)

  • Nicky Bolland
    Nicky Bolland

    Development Worker

  • Rhiannon Davies
    Rhiannon Davies

    P/T Communications Coordinator

  • Holli Wilks
    Holli Wilks

    P/T Project Worker - Dunkeld Office

  • Liz Highet
    Liz Highet

    Community Worker - Community Connections, Eaglesham & Waterfoot

  • Derek Harper
    Derek Harper

    Community Worker - Community Connections, Brechin & Edzell

  • Fi Thomson
    Fi Thomson

    Community Worker - Rural Wisdom, Moray

  • Ruth Wright
    Ruth Wright

    Project Worker

  • Angela Ross
    Angela Ross


Our Board
  • Heather Calvo

    Board Member

    Heather has 24 years experience in the Social Care Field. For 13 years she has worked with Neighbourhood Networks to develop peer support networks across Scotland for Vulnerable Adults. Her interests are community development and self-management.

  • Donald Macaskill

    Board Member

    Until April 2016 Donald ran a human rights and equality consultancy working across the health and social care sectors in the United Kingdom. He is now the Chief Executive of Scottish Care, the membership organisation for older people care providers.

  • Rosie McIntosh

    Board Member

    Rosie has a decade of experience in charity communications; with ENABLE Scotland, Oxfam & the Mental Welfare Commission. She works with Third Sector Lab & is the Project Manager for Mind Waves: a citizen journalism project about mental health.

  • Pat Scrutton

    Board Member

    With a background in community development; Pat has worked with people with learning disabilities & more recently with older people. She has a particular interest in intergenerational practice & co-ordinates the Intergenerational National Network.

  • Mike Conway

    Board Member

    Mike has over 40 years experience in international organisations. He was a Director of Shell UK and is a specialist in Human Resources and Organisation. Heis former trustee of United Way in Anchorage Alaska and the Temple Theatre in Saginaw Michigan.

  • Rhonda Leith

    Board Member

Cyber Essentials

In 2020, Outside The Box received the Cyber Essentials accreditation.

Certified Living Wage

Outside the Box is a certified living wage employer