Our privacy policy

Information that we keep and how we use it

We get information from people when they sign up for our newsletters or come along to an event.

We keep a list of people’s names, phone numbers and email contacts, so we can send you newsletters and information about events. The list may also have the organisation that people represent. This list is made up of people who have agreed for us to have their contact information for a particular purpose and we will only use their contact information for this specific purpose. If you are receiving information from us and would not like to any more then please email the word ‘no’ to admin@otbds.org.

If we are doing a survey or developing a resource with people, we invite you to give an address if you want a printed copy of material to be posted to you. We don’t keep your address afterwards.

We do not have or keep any other personal information about people who use our resources or services.

Sharing information with people outside Outside the Box

We store contact lists on our own system.

We do not share any information with other organisations or people.

Permissions to use photographs and audio clips

We may ask your permission to use your photograph when you come to an event or work alongside us in other ways. When you give permission, we will ask if you agree to your photo being used in individual ways (for example, on our website, on social media or in our publications). We will only use your photograph in the way(s) that you agree for it to be used. If you change your mind about us using your photograph, let us know and we will not use it in the future.

We do not give the names of people who appear in photographs or audio clips and we try to make sure that there is nothing that can identify you.

When we are working alongside people who may find it harder to remember that they gave permission or who have other difficulties, we try to take time to let you make the choice about whether you want to give your permission. We may talk to a friend or relative or other person who is with you at the event as part of you making that informed decision.


We use Mailchimp, an email marketing service for sending out our newsletter and Rural Wisdom newsletter. This service records the emails you open, the links you click on and other information.

Contacting us

You can contact us if you have any questions or complaints abut our use of information provided by you.

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Complaining to someone else about us

Outside the Box is registered with the Information Commissioner, and we work to meet the good practice standards that they set.