How to make a complaint

We have recently been hearing from people across Scotland about the difficulties they have complaining to different organisations.

People have said that they often don’t know how to raise a complaint or what to put in their complaint.

Earlier this year we made a resource about how to contact your elected representatives and thought a similar resource for complaints would be helpful.

We asked the people we are working with through our Connecting Equalities project what information they would like to see in the resource and they told us they would like to know.

The most requested was information about what to put in correspondence, information on escalation and compensation, and information about what an MP and Ombudsman service can do.

There are several ways to make a complaint if you have been dealing with a problem and this booklet will take you through possible complaint options.

It is important that your voice is heard and we hope this guide is helpful:

Download How to make a complaint guide pdf