Contacting your elected representatives

Sometimes it’s hard to know who to go to for help about a problem. Finding out and then contacting your elected representatives can sometimes be even trickier if you haven’t done it before.

As part of our Connecting Equalities project we have been speaking to people across Scotland to find out what they wanted to know about contacting their elected representatives and made this handy pdf guide.

The guide will take you through the steps of finding out what your Councillor, MSP and MP do and how to contact them when you have a problem. The guide outlines what to include in your correspondence to them and tips for being as clear as possible. The guide further explains what happens after your contact your elected representative and what their staff do.

We hope this guide is helpful for whenever you might need it and useful for sharing with family and friends.

You can find out more about our Connecting Equalities project and other guides on democracy and having your say in politics here.