Last month we were lucky enough to work with Neighbourhood Networks members to produce a human rights charter based on the key rights members highlighted. We had some really interesting discussions about human rights, accessibility and mental health- all of these issues made more prevalent due to lockdown.

Many of the members shared their tips for good mental health with us- these were small, manageable things they did to improve their mood or feel better when things felt difficult. As a result of these discussions we also put together some Top Tips for Mental Health based on what members told us. We’ve shared both these videos below and we hope you find something useful in them!



Our Human Rights training developed through Local People Linking, and shares practical ways to make human rights come alive day to day in communities. Human Rights approaches are important – especially as people in communities have unequal access and face barriers to enjoying their rights.

The training shares how human rights can be used to build equality and inclusion, and empowers participants to run their own community learning sessions. It can be delivered for community groups, and for organisations which work with communities.

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