We are excited to deliver human rights training to Neighbourhood Networks this weekend, as part of our Local People Linking project.

The training is an accessible way for us to:

  • Bring people together with different experiences to share knowledge and learn more about the rights of  people in their communities.
  • Give people a space to reflect on how people can better access their rights as a part of everyday life
  • Explore how everyday experiences link with Human Rights.

The aim of Local People Linking is to empower people to feel more confident understanding their human rights and how to access them. We’ll also support Neighbourhood Networks to create their own Charter of Human Rights, based on their own experiences and the knowledge they’ve gained from the session.

The work that Neighbourhood Networks do to support people in their community is so important, and we are looking forward to working with them!

To find out more about Local People Linking, or to book your own training session, contact Jill at jill.k@otbds.org