Spike Wheat Scots women’s well-being walk

We met with the New Scots women of Spike Wheat Scots in Eglinton Park, Irvine for our latest session together.

The women wanted to meet outside, in nature and show us their favourite spots. They told us that they spend a lot of their free time in the park with their families and enjoy how peaceful and relaxing it is there.

We walked all around the park, exploring rivers and trails and tried to complete a nature bingo sheet of the wildlife we could see. We found horses, herons, butterflies and lots of brambles!

The women shared with us the Arabic names for lots of the things on the bingo sheet and we chatted about how similar the names are in English. We then played pooh sticks and learned about the suspension bridge and fish lines that cross the river.

After finishing our bingo sheets we walked to the picnic area to have an outdoor breakfast, complete with Syrian coffee and treats.

We chatted about how the park visit made us feel and what we enjoyed. The women shared how relaxing and peaceful they feel in the park when they visit and how happy they were to be able to show off a piece of North Ayrshire to us.

Our next session will also be outdoors – weather dependent! – where we will come together for a community BBQ in the park at the BBQ pits. The women will be making lots of traditional Syrian dishes and we can’t wait to try them.