Community Solutions

Community Solutions is a collaborative project looking to increase the learning and options around community solutions that give people more access to social care and health care in Scotland.

People from organisations across Scotland are sharing their experiences and examples of what is working and the challenges they face.

We are working with Healthcare Improvement Scotland to use this learning to improve the ways Health and Social Care Partnerships work alongside the community sector.

Community Solutions - by ihub and Outside the Box

What we're doing

In 2022 we are

  • gathering examples of community solutions to giving people better access to health and social care, and taking pressure off health services
  • holding drop-in digital sessions to share the experiences of community organisations delivering support.

In 2021 we worked with community groups and HSCP staff to learn from the experiences of responding to covid. There are publications on how people find the support that is right for them, and how community sector services show the impact of the support they provide.

One focus has been learning how storytelling can help people working and volunteering in the 3rd sector and social care. In 2021 we held a series of workshops with Mindwaves and the Village Storytelling Centre, including podcasting, animation, zine making and storytelling.

The impact it's having so far

The 2021 resources have helped more people develop community solutions that work for their communities and are supporting partnerships between community organisations, health services and social care services.

One development is the Co-shadowing approach, as part of people from different organisations and sectors learning more about each other and building greater trust.  You can find more information about co-shadowing here.

Participants from the communications workshops now have the skills and knowledge to make their own animations. Check out one of the videos from the sessions here.


Community Solutions notes

Community Solutions notes

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Community Solutions case examples

Community Solutions Case Examples

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Making best use of our services overall

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People living and getting support in their community

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Reducing pressure on health services by giving people the care they need

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Community Solutions. Showing the impact

Community Solutions: Showing the Impact

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Community Solutions. Finding the right support

Community Solutions: Finding the Right Support

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