nbc and the UK General Election

Last Thursday, with 1 week to go until the General Election, a member of our Connecting Equalities team led a session with the New Beginnings Club (nbc) members focusing on the practicalities of voting and the issues that are important to them. 

nbc is a member led social group for adults with physical and learning disabilities in East Lothian.  19 members came along, we spoke about what issues are important to them and how they find out what each of the candidates and their parties are saying about the issues such as cost of living, mental health services and support hours which many identifies as the areas that mean the most to them. 

The conversation then moved on to the more practical aspects of voting such as voter ID, how you make the ballot paper and what to do if you are unwell on polling day and need an emergency proxy vote. 

To lighten the mood after a serious discussion the members enjoyed a bit of healthy competition playing New Age Kurling with members saying: 

“You have fair cheered me up” 

“That was a brilliant night, such great fun”