Connecting Equalities

In our Connecting Equalities project we have been working with diverse groups of older people and their communities, supporting them to connect their everyday experiences with rights and equalities. We help them connect with decision-makers and media, to ensure their contributions are part of shaping what matters to them for a good life.

Connecting Equalities takes an intersectional approach to our work with older people and the wider community. The project explores how we can work collectively to challenge multiple inequalities.

PANEL Principles

The PANEL Principles help to ensure that rights are at the core of how projects, campaigns, organisations, policy and practice is developed. It stands for Participation, Accountability, Non-discrimination, Empowerment and Legality.

We have made a handy pdf guide on the Principles and how we can all apply these as a human rights approach. You can download and view it here: PANEL Principles Connecting Equalities Resource.

How to make a complaint

There are several ways to make a complaint if you have been dealing with a problem. Sometimes it can be difficult to find out the first steps or who to contact first. Our booklet will take you through possible complaint options. It is important that your voice is heard and we hope you find it helpful. You can download and view it here: How to make a complaint guide

Contacting your elected representatives

Sometimes it’s hard to know who to go to for help about a problem. Finding out and then contacting your elected representatives can sometimes be even trickier if you haven’t done it before.  As part of our Connecting Equalities project we have been speaking to people across Scotland to find out what they wanted to know about contacting their elected representatives and made this handy pdf guide.

LGBT and getting older in Scotland today

There may be around 100,000 LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) people aged over 50 in Scotland, but estimates vary greatly. We have a discussion paper resource about getting older in Scotland, some of the difficulties, what works well in groups and points to watch. You can find it on our website: LGBT and getting older in Scotland discussion paper.