Climate Chat Outdoor Activities pack

As part of our Climate Chat project we have republished and reprinted our Outdoors Activities pack.

The activities were first developed as part of the Eyemouth Gateway to Good Health initiative. This community-led pilot was supported by Joint Health Improvement Team and Scottish Borders Council, involving local community members, voluntary and community groups as well as schools.

The aim was to promote and support health and wellbeing by extending the range of opportunities that can encourage families in the Eyemouth area to make healthier choices part of their everyday lives.

We have had lots of fun using the pack with members of nbc in East Lothian and Scots Syrian Roses in North Ayrshire.

Choosing activities that work for you

You can choose activities based on how you enjoy connecting with nature. The guide has 6 categories:

  • Nature
  • Mindful
  • Art
  • Problem-solving
  • Bushcraft or survival
  • Physical

It has activities for all, and some that are more physically challenging. Download the pack here: Outside Activities pack.

Outdoor activities kit Eyemouth

Our LINKS project also funded a full set of outdoors equipment, stored at the Community Centre in Eyemouth. If you are part of a local group in the Eyemouth area, please get in touch with Dixie Scott if you would like to borrow any of the kit. There are even spare gloves and waterproofs so that nobody needs to feel the cold!

Going forward

We have now been approached by others for delivery of the training. We hope these resources will empower local workers, volunteers and families to feel confident taking people outdoors to enjoy and explore the local area.

Connecting with nature and other people, being active in the outdoors and learning about safe, healthy outdoor cooking can be shared among generations and accessed by all ages and abilities. This can contribute to ways to be well, physically and mentally.

We hope you enjoy using the guide, do let us know how you get on by contacting us on social media, Facebook, X (Twitter) or Instagram, or by email