Climate Chat – A new project

We are excited to announce that we have received funding from the Scottish Government’s Climate Engagement Fund for a new project, Climate Chat.

The project aims to have conversations with communities of interest, focussing on equalities groups, in engagement activities around climate action. We will be hosting community sessions, attending events and creating accessible resources.

These community sessions and events will provide a platform to support understanding of Scotland’s climate ambitions and policies.

We hope that by the end of the project the people and communities we will be working with will be able to demonstrate: 

  • Improved climate literacy, in terms of understanding what climate change means for them and their community and what actions Scotland is taking. 
  • Increased confidence and positive feelings about talking to others about climate change and action, and having a voice at a local and national level. 
  • A practical understanding and engagement in actions they can take in their daily life and in their local communities on climate change and where to find information and advice.
  • Increased accessibility and participation at local and national level from equalities groups who are often marginalised from climate activity. 

Individuals and communities cannot fix the climate emergency alone because it also needs businesses, industry, national and local governments to take action to ensure Scotland meets its targets. However, we can still help by taking our own small and everyday actions, and by pressuring our politicians and services to do more.

Please fill out our short questionnaire to help us develop the resources and conversations we will have over the coming months: Climate Engagement Survey