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Can Co-Production Help When You’re Moving Forward?

Posted November 18th 2016 by Alice

Quote: 'it can be scary when you you come out of addiction. It's hard to know what's there and what you need to do. Things like paying bills - we've never done that before!'

This week we have been celebrating co-production week and thinking about all the ways that co-production can be used. At Outside the Box we use co-production approaches to support and encourage people who use services or programmes to shape the way they are run. For co-production week, and as a part of our work with Moving Forward  we asked people with lived experience of homelessness, addictions and convictions what a good life looked like.

As part of co-production week we had an event looking as a part of our work with Moving Forward where we asked people recovering from addictions and people who have been involved with the criminal justice system how their lives could be better.

The group at Moving Forward were really great at sharing their ideas, suggestions and frustrations with us. Below are some of the many suggestions that the group shared with us.


What makes you feel well?

  • Family
  • Health
  • Family
  • Variety
  • Church
  • Religion/faith
  • Being free
  • Being independent
  • Structure and support
  • Being a worthwhile citizen
  • Good food

“There’s a feeling of getting out of prison and thinking ‘what do I do now?’”

“If you do get help then it can be really motivational.”

“Basic nurture and care reduces barriers and helps you grow and improve.”

Being well:

  • A roof over your head: managing, coping, being able to feed yourself
  • Personal safety
  • Able to travel alone
  • A good support network
  • You need a reason and a purpose to get up in the morning
  • You need different options instead of just having to do the same things
  • Classism means things like horse riding feel unwelcoming and you’re discouraged from trying new thing
  • You need to feel free
  • There are lots of deadlines for parents (like when to drop off and pick up the kids) can take this away“There’s a lot of pressure on parents for childcare.”

“There’s so much stigma that stops you from doing what you want to.”

“Why don’t we have the chance to do exciting things? Why can’t we have a dream like climbing Everest? If you do things like that it would improve your self-esteem because you would believe in yourself more.”

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