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Outside the Box
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About the Project

“It’s about getting as much choice as possible – for people, staff, systems and providers”

Outside the Box, Turning Point Scotland and the Glasgow Community Justice Authority are working with other partners in Glasgow to create more choice and control in support for people in touch with the criminal justice system.

The project is funded by the Scottish Government and runs for 3 years.

It is part of a larger programme for Self-directed support (SDS) to

  • Raise awareness among people getting support about the choices they can have.
  • Encourage care providers to give people as much choice as possible and deliver support that works well for each person.

So far, the new flexibility not been used much for people who are in touch with the criminal justice system. But it has the potential to help people to achieve positive outcomes and encourage people to take more control of their lives.

We want to…

  • Explore ways to make Personalisation and Self-directed support work well for people who are in touch with the criminal justice system.
  • Learn what is possible and what the limits are for people in these circumstances.
  • Create opportunities for support providers to work together to give people support that is well suited to their needs.
  • Use the experience and ideas from people who have used community justice services to create services that work well for people getting support and for the whole community.
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Certified Living Wage

Outside the Box is a certified living wage employer