Borders Buddies Case Study  

From Anna, who is supported by her Buddy, Jayne:

“I wanted a buddy to help me do my shopping and get out a little bit more, as I’d been in the house for too long, not able to get out much by myself. I couldn’t get out much with my daughter as she works a lot of hours and most days. I tended just to stay in as I was scared, I might fall.  

My Buddy, Jayne, has helped and continues to help me in as many ways as she can. The weather hasn’t been too great for days out, but we had a few little wanders along the high street with the dog and my Buddy’s little boy in the Easter holidays. We have lots planned for in the better weather.  

It makes a BIG difference having a Buddy, I feel more confident when I’m out using my stick and my Buddy letting me link arms with her and I enjoy going in the car to the supermarket. Best thing we have done so far after been wanting to go for ages and not been able to is the afternoon tea dance. I even had the confidence to have a little boogie. Thank you for finding my Buddy for me, we get on fine. We both have a sense of humour which helps us just plod on”. 

Anna - left, Jayne- right

(Anna – left, Jayne- right)


Buddy Jayne said:

“I decided to become a Buddy after being unemployed for some time and having no luck job hunting. I decided with all my free time through the day every day I could and should do something; I saw the advertisement by Outside the Box for Borders Buddies and sent off the email to Ruth. Glad I did.  

Good few things about being a buddy includes getting out and about. I like seeing how happy someone is just by having a Buddy. My daily/weekly tasks of shopping etc we all take for granted which we do without even a thought. When there is someone out there needing help just to go and do simple tasks like shopping, even just for everyday essentials. It’s nice to have company and be someone’s companion, I feel I get on really well with Anna.  

At first, I thought I might struggle having the wee one during school holidays or weekend if Anna needed me, I would have to let her down, and maybe leave her kind of stuck or not able to do something. She told me to bring him with me, I’m glad I did because those two now get on super as well. We are like an extra little family in our own wee way.  

I’m proud when we are out and Anna speaks to someone, she always introduces me. We have been to chitchat groups and met a couple of her friends. Which Anna missed out on loads with not getting out much on her own. Makes me feel good that just with my time I’ve made a difference in someone’s life just by being there alongside them. I could write forever more but we will update when we have done some more exciting things and been some exciting places”.  

You can find out more about the Borders Buddies project here: 


Please note Borders Buddies is a project by Outside the Box. It is fully funded by the National Lottery and there is no cost for anyone looking for Buddy support. If you are looking for the Selkirk-based service, Borders Buddies, which provides paid-for personal assistance and care for people with additional support needs, please follow this link: