Scots Syrian Roses

Outside the Box began to work with the New Scots women’s group, Scots Syrian Roses, of Spike Wheat Scots in May 2023. Spike Wheat Scots are a community group of Syrian New Scots who have resettled in North Ayrshire.

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What we're doing

Over the next year we will be working alongside the women from the group to explore meaningful integration, their valuable contributions to community life, shared learning, networking and more!  

The impact it's having so far

So far, we have facilitated creative visual arts workshops and nature activities for the women. The women have hosted a traditional Syrian breakfast and award ceremony for the wider Spike Wheat Scot Group. Most recently the women hosted a Syrian barbeque in Eglinton Park and brought together over 50 women from across North Ayrshire. Going forward we plan to work with the women to increase their community connections, access to services and enhance their women’s group activities.