Queer Families

Queer Families started in 2018 to address a gap in family peer-support and connection for LGBTQ families in Glasgow. The group creates a space for informal community, wellbeing, and addressing the barriers which families experience.

illustration of smiling LGBT families

What we're doing

The group provides a safe, inclusive space for LGBTQ families to meet one another and share experiences.

We meet monthly for an informal session with arts and crafts, activities, and visits from local LGBTQ artists. We’ve moved the group online, and the conversation continues between sessions as families support one another.

Alongside the group and other LGBTQ families across the UK, we developed two resources. These resources aim to provide support and advice for LGBTQ families or those looking to start families, as well as providing support for services to become more welcoming and inclusive for LGBTQ families.

The impact it's having so far

We heard from some LGBTQ parents that they didn’t feel included in typical ‘mums and toddlers’ groups, and needed more family-friendly LGBTQ community events. The families involved have shaped the Queer Families group to be an inclusive alternative!

The resources have reached thousands of people across Scotland, sharing the group’s lived experience and knowledge on creating LGBTQ family-friendly spaces and services.