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Most peer support groups across Scotland have stopped working in their usual way. Many groups are now delivering support online or by phone. But this means that families and young people still have very few opportunities to connect and make contact outside of their own homes, which is having a significant effect on their mental health and ability to cope with the current situation and other aspects of life.

A key aspect of wellbeing is the ability to make and maintain the friendships we want, both locally and through the things that interest us and the experiences we share.

The aim of the Families Wellbeing project is for people to feel more connected, less lonely, more resilient and supported. We are bringing together a range of practical ways to connect with people now and in the future. It is sharing and celebrating tips and suggestions to encourage people to maintain and build connections in their communities and neighbours as well as peer connections.

Some of the resources include:

  • Ideas for making contact with your neighbours
  • Ways to support positive mental wellbeing
  • Easy guides for setting up social media and apps for videocalls, messaging and to allow people to join online peer support groups
  • Ways to stay safe
  • Postcards, letter ideas and activity packs for getting together

We are supporting an existing family based peer support groups in the Clydebank area to meet using digital technology. We will also be working with three new groups in Falkirk, Midlothian and Borders to set up new digital peer support groups for families.


To learn more about project or to share your ideas, get in touch with Louise Willson:

phone: 0141 419 0451


We are working with a number of partner and community organisations to deliver the project.


Funded by the Scottish Government Wellbeing fund, administered by the CORRA Foundation.


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