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About the project

Outside the Box is currently working on a new project exploring ways to develop peer support between different kinds of families.

This new project builds upon the Mums Supporting Mums work in rural areas that supported and encouraged peer support and small scale initiatives for parents, including mums, who had poorer mental wellbeing or were facing other challenges

Over the next year we will be working with interested organisations, people, communities and families to explore what things help support different parents and families.

The aim of the work is to support and encourage:

  • Social inclusion for parents and their children
  • Support for parents who have poorer mental wellbeing
  • Access to activities and other services when needed

We will share the things we have learnt with people and organisations across Scotland by:

  • Resourcing and sharing
  • Working with organisations that are doing complementary work
  • Producing hints and tips with practical advice to support and help people in parenting roles

We will be doing all of this through a range of different sub-projects – see below for details of these.

This work is funded by the Scottish Government through the Children, Young People and Families Early Intervention Fund.

We will be working with local partners.

Mums Returning to Work

We met with groups of women returning to work after having children. They described how there were local peer support groups and networks for Mums with babies and young children, which many women find are good for their own wellbeing and for their children. These groups mostly happen during the day and this source of peer support stops for most women once they go back to work. From speaking to Mums and employers, we have developed 2 resources:

– A discussion paper that helps highlight the good practice of employers in Scotland as well as looking for solutions to support Mums to have equal access to work.

– A guide outlining some of the issues women are facing on their return to work. It gives information about support networks and shares some of their experiences- that we hope will give some emotional and practical reassurance to other women in these circumstances.

Contact Jill: / 07841 015 949

Families and Mental Health

We know that parenting can be tough, and it is even more difficult if you or your child suffer from poor mental health. We have produced some hints and tips for families and teenagers to help develop tools to cope better and support one another.

To find out more or for copies of the booklets email Ciara at

Clydebank Pilot Project

As part of our Families Supporting Families work, we are running a pilot project with women from Syria and Kurdish ‘new Scots’ in the Clydebank area in partnership with the Resettlement Team at West Dumbartonshire council.

The pilot has been a great success so far with a big turn out at each session which brings the women together to do activities and have a space to talk about what they would like to do in their new area. All of the women are keen to find out ways they can connect with their wider community so they can support their families in making Scotland their new home. In response, the project will work with the women in the coming weeks to think of practical ideas to make this happen.

Contact Jill or Kate: / 07841 015 949 / 07841 015 945

Queer Families Group

Queer Families is a monthly informal peer support group for LGBTQ families in Glasgow that has been running since 2018. We provide fun activities and an opportunity to share experiences and meet other LGBTQ families. We have recently put together resources for families and services based on what we have heard from the families we have worked with, which aim to improve access and inclusion for LGBTQ families.

Contact Ciara for more information: 

Get in touch

If you are interested in finding out more about our Families Supporting Families work in general or would like to be involved in any elements of this work please get in touch – we would love to hear from you.

Contact Louise Willson or Ciara Maguire (0141 419 0451)


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