Committed to Good Support

Committed to Good  Support brings together work alongside community groups and other people to help them respond to their communities’ needs during Covid and beyond, so older people and others who face inequality or other challenges both get the support they need and are able to contribute.

Committed to Good Support

What we're doing

We produced resources for community groups to help their work during Covid, such as postcards the help volunteers understand people’s food needs and make it easier to for people to explain what they needed.

We’re piloting ways for community services to show the impact they make.

We’re continuing to share examples, to give other people ideas and practical tips.

Since autumn 2020 we are working as partners with Health improvement Scotland, Social Enterprise Networks and others to share the experience and contribution of community  groups with people in the public sector and other types of organisations.

The impact it's having so far

The resources for community groups reached at least 250 local groups and has helped them in their support to around 10,000 people.

“The shopping checklists have been brilliant, our older people really felt more in control being able to say what they liked and what they didn’t really want.”

“Checklist is really easy to use.  Made us realise we are doing a good job and how to get a bit more advice.  Talking to other community groups now who we hadn’t met before.”

Telling the Story sessions gave over 50 people from community groups skills and confidence around making film clips, Storytelling and inclusive types of evaluations.

Workshops with partners reached more people and let us learn about what is working and what will help in many more communities.

The work around Care Standards principles has developed in unexpected ways as people are using it as a training resource and to develop good partnerships.  We’re building on  their feedback the next stage.

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Voluntary Pledge care standard principles table screenshot

Voluntary Pledge Care Standards Principles – Black & White for Printing

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Good support for our neighbours. Committed to Good Support.

Good Support for Our Neighbours

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Shopping checklist screenshot

Shopping Checklist for Volunteers

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Shopping checklist screenshot

Checklist when a volunteer helps with your shopping

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Committed to Good Support. Guide to assessing how good a job you are doing

Voluntary Pledge – Guide to assessing how good a job you are doing

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Committed to Good Support. Voluntary pledge on care standards - our assessment

Voluntary Pledge on Care Standards – Our assessment

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Community group principles screenshot in colour

Community Group Principles

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Screenshot of the Committed to Good Support principles resource

Community Group Principles – Black & White for printing

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Screenshot of the voluntary pledge principles table in colour

Voluntary Pledge Care Standard Principles

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