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Happiness Habits Borders Interviews The Caddonfoot and Fountainhall Kurlers

Posted September 21st 2018 by Jan Laing

Happines Habits Borders Team visited the Caddonfoot Kurlers on the 11th September when they were hosting the Fountainhall Kurling group.  With 27 people attending it was a perfect opportunity to do some group interviews and record the sessions.

The interviews took place at the break so at times it was a little chaotic!

  • Each group were asked a series of questions:
  • What does the kurling group mean to you?
  • Would you say it has improved your quality of life?
  • What’s the best thing about the kurling group?
  • Can you describe in a word or a sentence what you think about being part of the kurling group?

Everyone, without exception, was very positive about the groups they attend and it is clear from the responses that this activity has had a positive and beneficial effect on the members.

A key area of benefit for the two groups is the coming together of two small communities when they have their friendly matches, taking it in turns to host the event.

As can be seen from the interviews, the kurling has had a positive effect on attendees and has significantly reduced social isolation and lonliness.

In summing up Lorna’s comment says it all “FAB– U-LOUS”


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