Food and Hygiene Course in Burghead

For a while we have been planning to hold a Food and Hygiene Course in the community.

Last summer a local group asked Fi from our North Team to help them with their risk assessment and part of that was the question of whether their group needed a Food and Hygiene qualification. It set Fi to thinking about the barriers to getting this qualification as a volunteer.  

A barrier identified was just being to travel to a course and another was being nervous of turning up in a space where they might not know anyone – (this last fear often leads to one not turning up if their friend isn’t!) 

Fi spoke to Moray Council, and they agreed that they would run a REHIS Level 2 course in the community where the people who wanted to attend were. We were off and it was decided that it would be run in Burghead Community Hall in the 1st of September – phew! 

The 15 people who came were community members – some young people who were home schooled and were more comfortable in this small local setting– others who had no transport. Nearly all from local community groups who could now feel more comfortable and knowledgeable about producing food for others in a community setting.   


Some of the feedback received from those who took part:

“[The course] increased [my] confidence on giving advice and pointers in following good practices in a community led kitchen”.

“I have more confidence in telling others what they should be doing when using the community kitchen”. 

“It means a boost that my brain is still working, and a recent qualification for job applications. For my son, a qualification to help him get into college and for job applications in the future”. 

It was a great event, well done to all who took part!