Braemar Care

Braemar Care is a SCIO which was set up due to the difficulties in obtaining care for local people who were in need. Braemar Care provides an information and advice service to anyone who could benefit from additional support in their daily lives, care is provided via self-employed carers from within the community and volunteers offer a wide range of support.

Impact so far

Braemar Care is now entering its fifth year of operation; independent evaluation shows there are no unmet care needs, and client and carer satisfaction is high. Volunteers are increasingly being used to support the community and have been an asset during Covid and the 2021/22 storms; volunteer support enables people in the community to maintain independence and remain in their homes. Further work is being undertaken to provide additional training for carers and volunteers particularly in relation to Mental Health issues and Dementia to further strength our services and support.

Advice for others

Identifying and evidencing unmet need with case studies, interviews, and data demonstrates scale and demand for the project to communities and statutory bodies. Support from Health and Social Care Partnership and the community (potential clients, carers and volunteers) are required to make a project a success. Speaking to similar projects is a good a starting point, no project or community is the same and having a wide range of experience to draw on is helpful in creating a model that suits your community.

To find out more

To find out more information about the project you can email:  or call on: 07936 362 724