Our 2021 Annual Report

How we worked in 2021

This blog shares our 2021 Annual Report. Read on to find out what Outside the Box did, and the difference it made for people and communities.

Click here to download our 2021 Annual Report.

In 2021 we continued our focus on supporting connections for people, groups, and communities through the pandemic and other challenges. We worked in person and using digital technologies, to help develop new partnerships and networks and include more people.Key themes in our work. People having more choice in their lives. Creating inclusive communities. Encouraging people to have different conversations. Building strong, sustainable voluntary organisations and community groups.

What we did

This year we…

  • Worked with more than 100 community groups and organisations creating sustainable community solutions
  • Supported over 1500 people in 40 local areas across Scotland to be more involved and shape their communities.
  • Created 10 biteable videos, 8 digital workshops, and 42 resources reaching more than 5000 people
  • Contributed to national policy conversations and responded to national and local consultations feeding in the issues raised by people we work alongside.
  • And we supported two new organisations to be set up from Outside the Box projects – Central Wellbeing and Support Choices to become independent

Where we worked

We kept working all across Scotland in 2021, as well as collaborating with our Rural Wisdom partners across Wales. And we joined in networks, had conversations and shared resources with people in other countries too!

Map of Scotland with icons where we work   

The difference it made

We worked with hundreds wonderful people this year, supporting them to take the lead on positive social action. Here’s a snapshot of the difference it made, from people who took part in the Moments of Freedom and Rural Wisdom projects.

“The year has taught us new skills – learning quickly how to stay connected.”

“In the fast-changing world, we’ve all had to find different ways to share our story. We’ve tried out Canva (a graphic design app), and are looking at different ways to use photography, audio, and other story-telling tools to share our experiences and connect with people.”

“It has changed how we work. Before Rural Wisdom we would never have held events in Eaglesham. It’s a project of opportunities for individuals, communities and for HSCP. It’s made such a difference to our knowledge and understanding of the community and the people who live there.”

“Rural Wisdom is about making more people aware of older people living in rural areas, what we need, what we contribute and what the impact of this is for everyone.”

“Rural Wisdom gave me these opportunities. It’s so exciting to even be considered and has given me such confidence to do more and take on new things.”

Read our 2021 Annual Report to find out more.

Thank you to all our funders and partners, to all the third sector and community organisations that we work with, and to all the community members who shared their time, knowledge and good ideas!