Coastal Connections Film

Outside the Box has been working on the Moray Coast for a few years and one of the things we wanted to do as part of Coastal Connections was to work with the young people living in the villages along the coast. After lockdown there had been quite a bit of tension with anti-social behaviour in Burghead and some local residents thought that it would be good to see what the young people thought about living there.

Fi had the idea that making a film with a youth group and asking them what it was like to live in Burghead might be a way of finding out a bit about how young people living in these rural villages thought and what might make things better. It took about 2 years to work it out but in Autumn 2023 we started the short project to get the film made.

She had come across Wildbird and the film maker Graeme Roger,  and really liked the work that he had done with other young people in the area. Graeme along with Dave Martin and Ross Carbarns, initially worked with a youth club in Burghead along with Tracy Robbie a youth worker from Moray Council. The youth group worked with the team to make the soundtrack but we were struggling to get a break in some pretty bad weather and lack of daylight to get the filming done.



We approached the local Primary School and they came to the rescue and on the last day of term before the Christmas Holidays (thank you so much!!). A class of young people went out and filmed in the village and told us about the things they liked to do – the places that meant a lot to them and what it is like to live there. They had some great things to say and very good ideas about the simple things that could be done to make things work for them.

We are so pleased with this brilliant film and would like to thank everyone who made it possible – but mostly thank you to the young people who took the time to tell us what they thought!

You can watch it here: Coastal Connections Film


This work is happening thanks to an award from The National Lottery Community Fund, made possible by National Lottery players.

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