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About the project

Many older people in the UK live in rural communities.

There are places where people are developing cities that work well for older people.

Rural Wisdom is a project to develop rural communities that are older-people-friendly.

The project is led by Outside the Box, Volunteering Matters Cymru and the National Development Team for Inclusion.

It is funded by Big Lottery Fund

What we are doing

Rural Wisdom is a community development and shared learning project that explores the impact of community-based activities that are led by older people living in rural areas.

  • We’re tackling the issues that older people identify as priorities for their communities and makes opportunities for older people to shape their community to make it work well for them and for other people who live there.
  • We’re developing community-led activities that include and support older people and activities that make local communities work well for people as they get older.
  • We’re building on and encouraging the strengths and experience that older people bring, and encourages other people to value and support this.
  • We’re exploring ways to identify and show the impact of these activities and the contribution to bigger changes.
Where we are working

The Rural Wisdom project is based in locations in Scotland and Wales, but has been designed to benefit people across the UK.

We will share what we learn both with all the other people and places taking part in this project and with others who are interested in these issues and innovative approaches.

The project also enables people living and working in rural areas to learn from and apply learning from related developments that will be taking place across the UK over the next 5 years.

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Get in touch:

Outside the Box:
Anne Connor
0141 419 0451

Volunteering Matters Cymru:
Natasha John

National Development Team for Inclusion:
Helen Bown
01225 789135

Wisdom in Practice

Wisdom in Practice was a previous project developed by Outside the Box to encourage and support the development of services led by older people.

It aimed to build on the skills, knowledge and confidence of older people to enable older people to start or develop services and worked with older people across Scotland to make a difference to the opportunities and services they can use.

Over the course of the project, we developed a range of resources including Hints & Tips to help older people create successful new groups, encourage participation and keep everyone included.

See our Wisdom in Practise page for more about the project and to download these resources.

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