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What makes a good life?

Posted February 15th 2017 by Ciara

As part of our Parents Supporting Parents project, we have been having conversations with a group of lone parents from East Kilbride.  We talked about the things that make a good life for parents and families. We also talked about peer support and the ways it works to encourage and support people to lead good lives.

What makes a good life?

A good life means different things to different people.  Our ideas and priorities change over time about what makes a good life too. The things that were most important now for the parents in East Kilbride are:


“For me a good life is about feeling safe.  I haven’t always felt safe and that’s really not good.   Now I’m safe I have relax and take my time.  It’s such a better life for me and my kids.”

“I now feel safe and that means I can start thinking and planning things.”

Being in control

“Being in charge of my own life and the children was, very tough at first, but now I enjoy it. It’s important. We take our time and are not stressed and we enjoy the little things like walking home from school.”

“I know how much money we have and I pay the bills.   I like that and it’s good for me.”

Space and time

“I like having my own space – just me and the kids.  It’s ours and we do as we wish.”

“It’s my home and I say who comes round and how long they stay.  I need time on my own.”  

Social life

“Having a group of friends who are part of my life.”

“Being part of a group of other lone parents, who know what it’s like and support and encourage me.”

Positive mental wellbeing

“I like being calm. It’s better for me and the children are much happier.  When I’m calm they are too.”

“I like in control of myself, not feeling too up or down all the time.  Just getting on with things and not thinking too much.”


Feeling safe and in control of your life and wellbeing are all important for having a good life. What makes a good life for you? What would help you to live a good life? We’ll be sharing more hints and tips for a good life along with practical suggestions over the next few months- is there anything you’d like to see, or your own tips you’d like to share? Let us know at


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