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What We’re All About – our 2018 annual report

Posted March 7th 2019 by Rhiannon

This is our annual report for 2018. We were 14 this year, so we planned to do the things that most teenagers do – make new friends, go to new places, come across new ideas, be passionate, change our minds, eat too much chocolate and stay up late talking about how to change the world.

We hoped to avoid getting spots and breaking our hearts. But we wanted to keep on remembering how that feels and remember how the other big changes in people’s lives – both difficult and good – feel for people living through them.

This report should give you a taste of what we do in our community development support work right across Scotland. To find out more, read our blog posts or check out our projects and resources.

You can download a PDF version here, or get in touch if you would prefer a plain text version:


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