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What is Support Choices?

Posted August 1st 2019 by Support Choices

Support Choices have been based in the Lagmhor Community Co-working space in Dunkeld since January 2019. Since then, the team have been busy getting out and about in Highland Perthshire speaking to people in the community, visiting local groups, holding events to raise awareness around the ins and outs of the social care process and meeting with MP’s and MSP’s to get word about the project out.
The team have produced a handy booklet which describes Self Directed Support (SDS) in quite simple terms to help people to better understand what their options might be when it comes to social care.
The information from the booklet is below. It is also available in paper form by contacting or giving us a call on 01350 729130.

Support Choices is a project that helps people living in Perth and Kinross to get the social care and support that they need. The project began in Highland Perthshire. The project is a partnership between Outside the Box and the Care and Wellbeing Co-op. This complements an initiative based at the Carers’ Hub at PKAVS, which is giving family carers more information about how they can use the Self-Directed Support arrangements and get more support for the person they care for. Both projects are funded by the Scottish Government through the Support in the Right Direction programme.

1. What is self-directed support (SDS)?

Self-directed support is the way that the council provides care and support to people who need help to live their lives in the way that they want to.

2. Who is self-directed support for?

It’s For any child or adult who the council agrees needs extra support with everyday activities.

3. What does self-directed support mean for me?

It means you have more choice and control over how you are supported.

What are my choices?

There are 4 CHOICES (OPTIONS) I can choose from.

Option 1

“I get the money to spend on the support I choose.”
The council gives me the money to arrange and pay for my support. This is called a DIRECT PAYMENT. I can employ a PERSONAL ASSISTANT or buy services from a SUPPORT PROVIDER.

Option 2

“I tell the council what to spend the money on.”
I choose how the money is spent. The council or my SUPPORT PROVIDER manages the money for me.

Option 3

“I let the council decide how to spend the money.”
I ask the council to choose and arrange the SUPPORT that it thinks is right for me. The council manages the money.

Option 4

“A mix of Options 1, 2 & 3.”
I choose more than one of the 3 OPTIONS and decide.
• When I arrange my SUPPORT.
• When I choose my SUPPORT and have someone else arrange it.
• When the Council chooses and arranges my SUPPORT.

How do I get Self-Directed Support

  1. Contact the council Access Team. Support Choices can help me to do this.
  2. Meet with a social worker to talk about the SUPPORT I need in my life and what is important to me. This is called an ASSESSMENT.
  3. My answers help the SOCIAL WORKER to find out if I am eligible for Self-Directed Support and how much money is needed to pay for my SUPPORT. This is called my PACKAGE OF CARE.
  4. I may need to pay some money towards my PACKAGE OF CARE. The council may pay some of my PACKAGE OF CARE.
  5. I make my SUPPORT PLAN with my SOCIAL WORKER.

I tell the SOCIAL WORKER which option I choose for my SUPPORT.

What If I don’t like the option I choose?

If you are not happy with your support you can change it. Your social worker can make the changes.

Self-directed support tells councils to

  1. Involve you in the conversations and decisions about your support needs.
  2. Give you the information and help that you need to choose which self-directed support option is best for you. You can get help from Support Choices.
  3. Work with you when completing the assessment and support plan.
  4. Listen to your options, choices and decision. Make it possible for you to use your support to be involved in your local community.

If you would like to find out more about your options and about getting the support, please contact:

Support Choices
Outside the Box
The Old Doctors Surgery, Lagmhor, Dunkeld, Perthshire, PH8 0AD
01350 729130

Perth and Kinross Social Work
Access Team
0345 3011120

PKAVS SDS support for carers project
Billy Morrison
01738 567076



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