Big welcome for Central Wellbeing SCIO!

Outside the Box has been working in Falkirk for almost 7 years now, involved in a variety of projects, big and small.

One of the first was the Moving Assistance Project which finished in March 2016. The idea for the project came from older people who said they would like to move house but didn’t know where to start or who to go to for advice and information to help them.  Since then we have run many projects in this area, big ones over many years such as Falkirk Food Buddies/Connections and  Permission to Dream, and smaller ones like the Denny and Dunipace Community Cinema or Meals with Friends. We have earned a reputation for delivering effective, fun projects which help people improve their lives.

All of our projects share two important features:

  • They came about from conversations with people – we heard about gaps or we were asked to fill them.
  • They are set up with the intention of them floating off once they’re ready. This could mean that the either another organisation or the participants take over the running of the project.

So it’s fitting that when we realised there was a gap in Falkirk for an organisation that focuses on informal mental health and wellbeing support, we decided to fill that gap. And now we are proud to introduce Central Wellbeing SCIO. The new charity is going to take over the running of the Falkirk Food Connections and Permission to Dream once they are ready to float off, and it will also run its own projects. It will be staffed by familiar faces – both Dani and Ania will be moving to it. The board of Central Wellbeing comprises of local people with experience of living with and/or supporting people with poor mental health and wellbeing.

We wish Central Wellbeing SCIO all the best and can’t wait to hear more about their adventures!