There’s not long left until the general election this Thursday! When you’re decide who to vote for, how will you know who will prioritise the issues you feel passionately about?

Stonewall has produced a brilliant manifesto providing information on the UK general election and what questions you could ask candidates about LGBT issues. In the manifesto there are also details on issues that will need addressing, like how LGBT rights will be protected after the UK leaves the EU.

To get involved:

  • Follow Stonewall on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, and share their calls to action so they reach the widest possible audiences
  • Find out who your local candidates are. Ask them to publicly support Stonewall’s priorities for LGBT equality – and tell Stonewall when they do.
  • Register to vote, and encourage others to do the same and have their say.
  • Talk to your friends, family and colleagues about why building acceptance in your community is important to you and should be at the heart of this election campaign.