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We have two new resources!

Posted June 22nd 2017 by Christine

Flourishing Borders has 2 new resources that are proving to be really popular at the events we have taken them along to so far!!

Flourishing Borders is a project that encourages good mental health and wellbeing among older people.  That’s about feeling well and about feeling better at the times we do feel down or are finding it hard to cope.

We met people from all over Scottish Borders.  We got together at Happiness Habits Cafes, where people found out about what helps people be well and shared their tips on what works for them.

The first set of tips is Top Tips & Happiness Habits is for individual people that shares ideas on what helps people have good mental health and wellbeing.  We used the 4 common themes which ran through all the cafes, Keep connected to other people, Have a sense of purpose, Try to have a positive outlook and learn how to look after yourself and Keep active.

The second set of tips is Top Tips for people who work with older people in the community.  It is for people who work in community settings who would like to have their own Happiness Habits Café or the ideas can be used as part of what happens in the groups or activities that you support.

For further information about Flourishing Borders please contact Christine.  All the reports from our cafes can be found on the website.



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