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Tips for older vegetarians and vegans launch!

Posted November 24th 2017 by Ciara

We are so excited to be launching our new tips for older vegans and vegetarians booklet at Whitmuir the Organic Place, Lamancha between 12-2pm today.

Many people find that the food they want to eat changes as they get older, or they want to have easier ways of cooking. Living with dementia adds some more changes and challenges. If you are a vegetarian or vegan it can be harder to get information and advice that is helpful for your situation.

With the help of people living with dementia and their families our Food Buddies project has put together a practical set of tips that make life easier. Our hints and tips include tips for food shopping, cooking and eating at home, eating out, getting the support you want, sources for vegetarian and vegan food and some easy recipes. To get a copy of the book please contact Christine on 0141 419 0451 or email

Food Buddies has more helpful tips from other people’s experience – please ask us or look at our website


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