Talking Points East Renfrewshire

Talking Points works to host a network of over seventy organisations, including East Renfrewshire HSCP, that work together to help people get the information they need. Talking Points operates across East Renfrewshire to support you in getting the help you need in any area of health and wellbeing.

Their staff will either help people directly or can signpost them to the right service, organisation or group who can.

The impact so far

Due to Covid-19, together with Voluntary Action and ERC Strategic Insight and Communities, the Community Hub was formed. The Hub has successfully signposted 443 people to other organisations, made 5,205 wellbeing calls, and answered 2,513 requests for help.

Talking Points’ partners are made up of local groups, national groups, third sector organisations and East Renfrewshire Council. They’ve helped people with issues like housing, mental health, money advice, dementia support, domestic abuse, and everything in between.

To find out more 

To find out more about Talking Points you can visit their website page here.

You can phone the Community Hub on 0141 876 9555 or email them:

Talking Points also has a dedicated, active Facebook page which you can access by clicking here.