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  • Our Response to Covid-19

    Posted September 17th 2020

    When we entered the new decade I don’t think any of us would have believed what 2020 had instore for us. We have all had […]

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  • Text-heavy 'Community group care principles' resource screenshot. Text reads: 'DIGNITY AND RESPECT• My human rights are respected and promoted. • I am respected and treated with dignity as an individual. • I am treated fairly and do not experience discrimination. • My privacy is respected. COMPASSION • I experience warm, compassionate and nurturing support. • My support is provided by people who understand and are sensitive to my needs and my wishes. BE INCLUDED • I receive the right information, at the right time and in a way that I can understand. • I am supported to make informed choices, so that I remain in control. • I am included in wider decisions that affect me, and my suggestions, feedback and concerns are considered. • I am supported to participate fully and actively in my community. RESPONSIVE SUPPORT • My support needs are assessed and reviewed to ensure I receive the right support at the right time. • My support adapts when my needs, choices and decisions change. • I experience consistency in who provides my support and in how it is provided. • If I make a complaint it is acted on.' There is Committed to Good Support's logo, and a purple and teal background.

    Communities are Committed to Good Support

    Posted August 31st 2020

    Communities are Committed to Good Support Approaches to Community Support in lockdown Since lockdown started it has been amazing to see and hear all the […]

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  • Committed to Good Support Resources

    Posted July 16th 2020

    Lots of groups and people across the country have been stepping up and doing what they can to make life easier for other people in […]

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  • Falkirk Belly Danicing

    Falkirk shimmy

    Posted June 19th 2020

    As part of the Families Wellbeing project funded by the Scottish Government Wellbeing Fund we set up a new digital peer support group for families […]

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  • Scotland’s Caring Communities

    Posted April 24th 2020

    At Outside the Box, as our regular ways of working and living continue to change, we have been looking at how communities are adapting and […]

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