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Support Choices flies the nest to be a local advice charity!

Posted July 20th 2021 by Leon

Support Choices is now incorporates as an independent local advice charity! Celebrating sustainable social care info ad advice solutions. Visit to learn more,

Support Choices flies the nest

We have some very exciting news to share! We’re celebrating Support Choices becoming an independent advice charity, empowering people in Perth and Kinross with information.

Outside the Box started the project in 2019 to help older and disabled people and their families get the support they need to have a good life. Now Support Choices is spreading its wings as part of the sustainable local wellbeing economy.

“After working closely with the team as we developed the project, it is good to see them fly.  In other times we would have had a party with people who Support Choices has supported, our partners and friends in the local community, but an online celebration with cake has helped us mark the occasion!  Everyone at Outside the Box wishes Support Choices well for the future.”  Anne Connor, chief Executive, Outside the Box

Finding the best ways to embed local social care support

In 2013 the Scottish Parliament made a law that gives people looking for social care more choices.  But people in some – especially rural – areas were not getting advice or access to these choices.  People in rural Perth and Kinross communities wanted advice in their local area.  Outside the Box worked with groups in Highland Perthshire, starting Support Choices in late 2019.  From the beginning the intention was for Support choices to become an independent local charity, and now that has happened.

“It’s a privilege to have been involved with Outside the Box and to be part of Support Choices’ future”. Chris, Community Worker

Support Choices provides independent information and advice, supporting people in Perth and Kinross through the process of getting social care.  The communities will always need a source of advice and support, there for them and accountable to them. One of the strengths of small rural organisations is their rootedness in local knowledge, experience, and a shared commitment to address barriers to living well. By becoming its own sustainable organisation, Support Choices looks to a future where its local roots grow even stronger!

The rural wellbeing economy

As a new charity, Support Choices will be part of the Rural Wellbeing Economy – working alongside local businesses and charities and shaping the conversation. Support Choices has good links with local social enterprises and will now be supported by local professionals, creating more work for people in rural areas.

It takes careful planning to get a project to the point where it is ready to move on and we’re all very pleased to have got here. Outside the Box is already missing having Support Choices as part of our team across Scotland, but it’s exciting seeing them flourish on their own.

“It is very exciting to be part of a collective of caring and passionate people.” Heather, Community Worker 

Outside the Box has been working with people in Perth and Kinross over the past 10 years, helping them get new things started or plan for the future. The 2 organisations will continue to work together, to create more opportunities for people living in this area.

Supporting communities with Social Care info and advice

Support Choices staff and board are passionate about ensuring people have access to information and support around social care. This lets people make informed choices, and live life in a way that meets their needs and wishes. Support Choices are excited to continue the work in Perth and Kinross. And to work alongside other organisations to improve the delivery of social care in the area, and beyond!

“Looking back to the beginning of this project, it is amazing to see what our small team, board and Outside the Box have achieved in supporting people while also working towards our independence“. Holli, Project Worker

Support Choices is independent of all other services (Social Work, NHS, providers). It aims to ensure you have what you need to make informed choices. When you get in touch, Support Choices’ experienced team will want to learn what is important to you or the person you are caring for. This is the starting point for one-to-one support to help you identify what care and support will work best for you.

Support Choices can help people at any stage of the social care and Self-Directed Support journey. They can also help people get involved in peer support if they are interested. To get in touch, you can email or call 01350 729130.

You can check out and follow Support Choices’ website, Facebook page, Twitter and Instagram.

Support Choices is funded by the Scottish Government through the Support in the Right Direction programme and by donations.

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