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Sunday cookout

Posted July 30th 2018 by Jo

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Food Buddies, Happiness Habits and volunteers from Healthy Living Network offered a BBQ for residents of Linkim Court, Eyemouth. At our session we hoped to cater for a range of tastes with a mix of vegetarian, chicken and sausage kebabs and were delighted that the locally caught and hot smoked sea trout went down really well! The food and the company was much appreciated and many of the participants’ feedback that they had sampled new foods and enjoyed trying different tastes and textures. As the weather was kind participants ate in the garden – and commented that they had never seen as many people enjoying the outdoor space.
We were interested to hear participants’ views about the food and the Sunday session in general.

“Liked the smoked sea trout and I don’t usually eat fish!”

“Makes a nice difference to see so many people in the garden out on a Sunday.”

“I loved the sweet it was sweet then every so often you got a bitter berry. Every spoonful was a surprise.”

“Makes a difference on a Sunday as usually wander around trying to find someone to speak to.”

A follow up session with volunteers was arranged – many ideas were shared as a result of participants’ feedback. We are now planning a return visit to have conversations around how these ideas can be developed.

Thanks to BHA for helping to fund the food, to Katie, the whirlwind Warden for her help, to our fantastic volunteers from HLN – Shane, Dougie and Nancy, to first time volunteer Amanda for her help with everything that was thrown at her! Thanks to Karen and Annie from Abundant Borders for joining us on the day and for the donation of produce, thanks to Wendy Lough for the loan of the BBQ and mostly to all participants for coming along.

More information about our Happiness Habits project can be found on our website.



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