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Do you struggle at Christmas? You’re not alone

Posted December 13th 2016 by Alice

Person in Christmas Hat

This week we have launched two new resources which focus on Christmas and New Year!

We know Christmas and New Year can be a really hard time for lots of people, for a variety of different reasons. Because of this we have put together two different booklets to help people who struggle over the holiday season.

Winter Tips

As part of our Food Buddies project we have put together a booklet of Winter Tips for older people who find food challenging, whether that be because of dementia or other health reasons. The booklet can help with shopping tips for winter, help over Christmas and New Year, general food tips and recipes for ideas for food to keep you warm and cosy.

Download the booklet here, share it with others and do let us know if you have any of your own tips around for winter and the foods that you enjoy.

Surviving Christmas and New Year

We also know that people with mental health difficulties can find Christmas and New year hard too. With the help of Angus Voice, for the Angus McFlourish project, we have put together a booklet on ways of coping at this time.

At the moment we are working on our Angus McFlourish project looking at ways of reducing social isolation and loneliness. We are working with people from Angus Voice, an advocacy group for people with mental health difficulties. We understand that Christmas and New Year can be an especially challenging time so,  as part of the project, we have put together a booklet on the group’s hints and tips for coping. Whether it be ideas for nice things to do with family or friends, tips for coping with family, Christmas recipes or activites you can do by yourself, we can help! Please click here to see the resource.

Any feedback, or ideas that you think would be helpful to include in the future? Let us know by giving us a call on 0141 419 0451 or by emailing


winter Tips and Surviving Christmas Booklets



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