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Staying Mobile and Connected with Reaching Out to Older Adults in Renfrewshire

Posted March 17th 2020 by Outside the Box

‘Stay Mobile Stay Connected’ event

The Carswell Halls in Eaglesham played host to a joint Community Connections/Reaching Out to Older Adults in Renfrewshire (ROAR) event. The event was for families, carers, and anyone else worried about falls. It was really helpful for everyone who wanted hints and tips on taking precautions.

The workshop, ‘Stay Mobile Stay Connected’ is a campaign to change the way we think about older people’s health.
The campaign and services are co-produced with ROAR and a group of older adults. The group, including people aged 79 to 92, have created campaign films with their own advice on achieving happiness and health in later life. Learn more about ROAR here.

A new narrative around ageing and falls

ROAR creates practical tips to stay on your feet and to avoid loneliness and falls, as well as campaigning to change how public money is spent.

In Scotland we spend £1.3 million pounds every day treating older people who have had falls. Falls account for 87% of emergency hospital admissions for unintentional injuries in people ages 75 years and over.

The interactive presentation explored strategic, financial and social challenges and opportunities around reducing injuries in older age. It also talked about why we need to build a new narrative and vision about active ageing within the context of wider society. Older people are valuable members of our communities, and it’s always a good time to think about how communities support people as they age.

ROAR’s tips for avoiding falls

ROAR shared these tips for maintaining your mobility and independence with age. For people of all ages who are staying indoors because of the coronavirus, it’s a good idea to add some extra stretches and exercises in your daily routine.

ROAR suggests Yoga, pilates, Tai Chi, or other home videos are all ways of improving and maintaining your balance.  Doing these exercises can massively reduce your risk of injurious falls. There are tips and videos online you can use to do gentle exercise from home!

Resources for exercising at home

ROAR’s ‘Keep your dignity’ tips for exercises to do every day.

In this video from ROAR one of their campaigners mentions that standing up and having a dance around your sitting room can help.

Later Life Training Link has booklets of exercises you can do at home.





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