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Running During and After Lockdown

Posted September 24th 2020 by Fi

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Running During and After Lockdown 

Many people who know me also know that I run. Can’t miss it really, I wear a big chunky running watch and if you start me on its benefits for mental health and happiness its hard to stop me talking 

Two things happened once we went into lockdown – people started running but groups and races stopped. I was one of the lone runners, using the time outside to get away from Zoom and a suddenly very full house. And enjoying the chance to chat from afar to other folk doing the same!  

Even those who hated running started. My son – who vowed never to don the Hokas again after a hard 15 miles for a fundraiser – got out his trainers and used excess energy in a desperate and silent competition with himself.  

The bikes came out of the garage, dogs were dragged out from under the sofa several times a day and families walked together. We were all very active – well, it was one of the few reasons we could leave the house 

I am not sure of others’ experiences but running started to get harder for me in the later half of lockdown. I prided myself on being able to run alone and enjoy it but I was missing my friends and the catch ups – it was obviously more important than I thought. I think maybe the cakes didn’t help either. The days I went running got further apartthe distances grew shorter and my working from home days got longer! 

When they started to relax the lockdown one of my first treats was a slow stagger to the woods puffing behind my favourite partner in crime. We have both really struggled to get our fitness back – the regime I usually use wasn’t working and had to accept that the anxiety of lockdown has had a bigger effect on me than I thought.   

Part of my week has always been supporting people just starting to run and to encourage them in Jog Scotland groups. Each time the rules were relaxed a little bit more,  I offered members the chance to come out with me again, adhering to all the rules and taking great care that everyone could feel safe, but they didn’t come. Eventually a couple of regular people have started back but mostly people are very wary – they want to leave it a little longer.  

I see way more people out on walks, on bikes and running and it might well have become a habit we will keep up. But I think we may have to acknowledge that there has been a toll on our health both physical and mental and we need to be kind to ourselves as we emerge from lockdown into what ever happens next.

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