Resources for well-connected community supports

What ‘Community Solutions’ is all about

Community Solutions is a collaborative project increasing learning around community solutions that give people more access to social care and health care in Scotland.

Download the full Community Solutions diagrams and notes here.

Visit the Community Solutions project page for more resources, blogs and videos sharing what we’re all learning.

Sharing the learning: mind-maps exploring connected community solutions

As well as gathering examples of solutions which give people better access to care, and hosting digital drop-in sessions to share experiences, we’ve created some new resources. 

The resources comprise of 3 mind-map graphics, and an accompanying set of notes

The first graphic details reducing pressure on health services by giving people the care they need.  

The second, people living and getting support in their community

And the third, making best use of our services overall

The resources have helped more people develop community solutions that work for their communities and are supporting partnerships between community organisations, health services and social care services and we hope the same for our latest resources.