We are excited to launch our new resources, developed alongside our Queer Families group!
We started the Queer Families group in Glasgow in 2018 after realising there was a gap for LGBTQ families who wanted to socialise and have friendships with other LGBTQ people, in a child-friendly space. Some felt they had lost their connection to their LGBTQ community as they couldn’t attend the same events and groups that they had been part of before they had children. But at the same time, they found that the ‘mum and baby’ groups that were available were not always LGBTQ friendly, and that even if they were, they were often the only LGBTQ family there.

Queer Families was set up to establish a supportive social space for LGBTQ families, where no-one was ‘the odd one out’ and people could share their stories, experiences and meet other LGBTQ
parents and children.

We have developed two resources, one for families, and one for services working with LGBTQ families, to provide support and advice to empower LGBTQ families as well as making services more inclusive.

We hope that these resources will help to inform services responses to LGBTQ families, so that they can provide inclusive support for everyone. We want to celebrate LGBTQ families in all their diversity.
These resources will share advice from parents, their experiences, stories and what they wish they had known.

We hope that you enjoy are resources and find them useful. If you have any tips or stories of your own
that you’d like to share with us, please get in touch by emailing ciara@otbds.org. We’d love to hear from you. You can also follow us on instagram @queerfamsglasgow or visit our project page.


Queer Families: Support and Advice for Services Working with LGBTQ Families

Queer Families: Hints and Tips for LGBTQ Families