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About the project

Shared Strengths was an informal network of people who recognise that some adults use self harm as a means of coping.

The network was led by people who use self harm as a coping strategy: with workers and groups led by families and friends also welcomed to take part.

The aim was to share information, exchange ideas and contacts, and to give each other encouragement and support for the work we each do.

The Shared Strengths project was hosted by Outside the Box – it has now come to an end but the resources collated during the project are still available to download (see below)


What We Did
  • Brought together resources and information about self harm as a coping strategy.
  • Worked together to develop resources that can help people and groups.
  • Got people involved in group discussions; through email and the website as well as meetings.
  • Found ways to raise awareness about adults’ use of self harm as a way of coping.
  • Tried to influence other organisations’ policies and practice.
  • Reminded people and groups who have an interest in raising understanding about self harm as a way of coping that there are other people who work and think in this way.
  • Encouraged the development of more direct support for people who use self harm as a coping strategy, including peer support groups.
Certified Living Wage

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