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About the project

The website is available at:

Over the Fence has developed a website to give people who are new to social care information about how to get the support they want.

The project began in 2011 and is funded by the Scottish Government as part of the programme to develop the capacity of people who use services and her families as part of the implementation of Self-directed support.

The content is based on the experience of other people who have been in these situations. There are links to relevant contacts and organisations providing further information and support for people who are looking for support and for their families and friends across Scotland.

The information about SDS options and other aspects of the new arrangements, such as identifying the outcomes you want to achieve and planning support around these, is an integral part of the examples and other material.

The Social Care Scotland Bill

The Social Care (Self-directed Support) Scotland Bill was introduced to the Scottish Parliament on the 29th of February and is now published on the Parliament’s website.

You can access the Bill at:

You can find out more via the Scottish Government’s website at:

Certified Living Wage

Outside the Box is a certified living wage employer