Mum Friendly Workplaces

The majority of mums still experience negative attitudes or discrimination returning to work after having children. Mums Returning to Work shares learning and lived experience, so organisations can improve their Mum-Friendly cultures and best practice. We have worked with mums and with employers across sectors, developing Mum-Friendly Organisations training sessions and free learning resources.

We are a certified Mum Friendly Workplace badge

What we're doing

77% of Mums say they have had negative or discriminatory experience on their return to work after having children. While maternity rights are protected, many women and employers remain unaware of how they relate to their circumstances.

Maternity discrimination (intentional or unintentional) is still commonplace, resulting in many women feeling they have to leave their jobs entirely.

Mums Returning to Work has worked with private childcare providers to develop tailored workplace resources to better support women returning to work and ensure important skill sets are not lost.

We are now offering Mum-Friendly workplaces training sessions across sectors, tailored to each organisation’s context and needs.

Visit our website at where you can learn more about maternity rights and the training tools we offer.

To learn more about project or find out about workplace training, get in touch with Jill Keegan at

The impact it's having so far

“Working with the team at OTB to become a Mum Friendly employer has been all gain, no pain. Changes to our policies and practice were made to feel achievable and practical.”  Alison, owner of ACE Place Nursery and Out of School Care.
“We are delighted to be recognised as a Mum Friendly workplace. Our team have worked hard to ensure all mums feel secure and welcome at ACE Place, and our policies to support this are all the stronger as a result of working with Outside the Box.”
Ashleigh, Nursery and Out of School Care Manager
MRTW has been really helpful to focus our minds on how accessible and inclusive we are as an employer- it is about inclusive workplace practice and wellbeing across the team.”
Jaqueline, Chief Executive of Indigo Group.


Mums Returning to Work

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