Brain Injury Experience Network (BIEN)

The Brian Injury Experience Network BIEN is a group based in West Dunbartonshire, led by people who have an acquired brain injury.

Outside the Box and BIEN started working together in 2007.  The group used their experiences for The Journey, which has tips for other people who are affected by an ABI on how to cope and plan for the future.

This is an archived project. We no longer directly support the Network, but are delighted to see how they’ve grown and developed since our work together.

Brain injury experience network: BIEN. "We are survivors not victims"

What we're doing

We worked with BIEN and the Acquired Brain injury team in West Dunbartonshire to publicise the film and raise awareness about the issues that affect many people with an ABI.

Since then, we helped BIEN work on a DVD – Getting your head around Brian Injury. This was launched at a world premiere on 7th September 2012 in Dumbarton – complete with red carpet and lots of glamour.

“It’s the stories of people who were brave enough to share their experiences as a way of helping people learn to cope after a brain injury.”
John Russell, West Dunbartonshire Community Health and Care Partnership

“We hope the film gives hope to people affected by a brain injury and show them that there is life after brain injury – a good life.”
BIEN member

The impact it's having so far

BEIN has had an incredible effect influencing health services, and creating supportive networks of community and information for people living with brain injuries.

The Scottish Head Injury Music Group brings together musicians who have had brain injuries. They played on the DVD and at the launch – another positive impact of the network getting together!

The 2 minute trailer is available to watch on Youtube here.

“Moving, funny and really tells the story”

“Brilliant so proud of my brother and the rest of the group”

“Moving. Inspiring, sorry lost for words. This will and has changed lives”

“…it’s also helpful to see how life works around others with a brain injury”

“I am completely in awe of all BIEN has become and how amazing you all are”