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Permission to Dream: In the outdoors

Posted April 5th 2021 by Leon

Permission to Dream: in the outdoors. Round-up of outdoor wellbeing inspiration from the Permission to Dream project

Permission to Dream: in the outdoors

The difference the wind and wilderness make

The Permission to Dream peer-support groups in and around Falkirk have been exploring the benefits of getting into nature – in all senses!

Dani and Ania have been chatting to community members and organisations about the exciting ways they’ve been using the outdoors to support their wellbeing. Since Covid-19 began, our local greenspaces have become more important to us. As seeing people outdoors is the safest way to connect in person, the forests and lochs have become our new safe spaces for peer connection, support and empowerment! Then we get multiple benefits: social inclusion, connections with nature, and new wild spaces to relax and feel supported in.

Sharing interesting outdoors wellbeing ideas

Their series of Outdoors Wellbeing blogs investigate all the ways we can enjoy being outdoors. From meditative ‘forest bathing’ to icy wild swimming, accessible cycling alternatives, walks and hikes, they’ve discovered lots of options! We hope you enjoy, and take some inspiration from the blogs. Please get in touch with if you have ideas, or would like to write a guest blog on outdoor wellbeing!

Walking with kindness

‘Walking is great for your own physical and mental wellbeing, but how could you use kindness to spread the benefits to others on your walks? Here are some examples of things you could try:

Acknowledge others you see while out walking. It could be a smile, a cheery hello, or a socially distanced chat. If someone is wearing a particularly fetching scarf or hat, give them a compliment on it!’

Read the Walking with Kindness blog here. 

Forest bathing

‘I’ve got to be honest, when I first heard the term “Forest Bathing” I didn’t really know what it referred to, but I was expecting it to involve water in some way. Turned out I was quite wrong.

“Forest Bathing” originates from Japan and is a relaxation technique practiced around trees. It involves going amongst trees, breathing deeply and observing the nature around you in silence. This helps you to quieten your mind and relax your body.’

Read the forest bathing blog here. 

Our favourite local walks

We might not be able to go very far with the Covid restrictions in place, but most of us have a place we can walk in our local area. We chatted with April, Louisa, Catrin and Violeta from our Permission to Dream project, about their favourite walks nearby and why they like them.

Read the Favourite Local Walk blog here. 

Wild swimming

‘Water is, by its very nature, cleansing, purifying and healing. It possesses an energy steeped in femininity and is the source of all life on earth.

If you had said to me a year ago that I would be regularly swimming in open Scottish waters, I would have probably rolled my eyes and laughed disbelievingly at you. I was a pool girl, who loved stepping into the sauna and steam room; the comfort and security of fluffy towels and lockers; and the warmth of a hot shower after a gentle paddle.’

Read the Wild Swimming blog here – thanks to Jules Ryan from Forth Environment Link!

Accessible cycling

‘With volunteer pilots of all ages it gives different generations a chance to come together and learn from each other. A blind passenger once commented that she may not be able to see the scenery, but she could still feel the wind in her hair and hear the birds singing.’

Read the Accessible Cycling blog here – thanks to ‘Cycling Without Age Scotland’!

Walking with a purpose

‘Tired of always walking the same paths? Why not try them in reverse? It can be surprising how different they look. You may discover things that you just can’t see from your usual angle.

If you use a fitness tracker you probably know how many steps you do on local walks – but do you know how long it would take you to walk The Great Wall Of China? The World Walking app tracks your progress against famous routes all over the world. One walking group that signed up early have almost reached the moon!’

Outdoors for wellbeing #2 – Walk with purpose

Read the Walking with Purpose blog here. 



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