Involving more people in the Outside the Box membership

Getting involved with Outside the Box

We are looking to involve more people in our Outside the Box membership. Would you like to be part of the Outside the Box family by joining as a member? We would love to hear from you.

About us

Outside the Box is a charity working across Scotland providing independent community development support to people, communities and organisations.

Our charitable aims are to

  • promote peoples’ health and wellbeing
  • encourage and support participation and citizenship
  • advance community development to people and organisations

Our Vision is for strong inclusive communities.

Our Mission is to help build strong inclusive communities by creating the circumstances that enable this vision to become reality.

Developing our Outside the Box membership

During 2021 we are developing the membership of Outside the Box. We’re seeking people to join the organisation as members and help us shape the future. We would also like to know what things you would like from Outside the Box as members.

Who can be a member?

Membership is free and is open to anyone who shares the aims of Outside the Box and is interested in the work we do.

Membership is for people aged over 18 years.

People working for Outside the Box cannot be members.

What does it mean to be a member?

If you are a member of Outside the Box you can

  • attend the Annual General meeting
  • vote for people from the membership to be board directors to oversee the organisation
  • network with other members sharing ideas and approaches
  • have a role in shaping Outside the Box
  • promote the work of Outside the Box in where you live and work

A code of conduct will support you as a member.

For more information contact

Louise Willson, Outside the Box 07706 433938

Download the application form

You can download our Membership Application Form here to apply.

If you need information in a different format, or support to apply, let us know. We are keen to remove any access barriers.

Email or for different formats.