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Outside The Box is looking for a new board member

Posted January 14th 2020 by Outside The Box

Outside The Box is recruiting for new board members and particularly looking for those can give focussed support to the financial aspects of delivering what we do and developing the organisation and are interested in becoming part of a finance sub-committee.

Find out more about the organisation and what we are looking for here: Board members for Outside the Box

But to give you a better picture of what’s involved, we asked our Chair, Rosie McIntosh, to share her reflections on the benefits of being on the board of Outside The Box…

Why becoming a charity trustee should be your next step

I’ve been a board member at Outside the Box for three years, and I’ve recently become the Chair. It seems like a good time to reflect on what I’ve learned and why I’d encourage other young(ish) people to share their skills in this way.

It takes some time commitment, but it’s flexible

I run a business and a small charity and I have two small children, so I don’t have a lot of spare time. Being a trustee is more flexible than a lot of volunteering opportunities, because it doesn’t require being in a specific place at the same time every week. We have meetings every two months and it’s true that there’s work involved in between, but I can do it at a time that suits me.

It’s a different way to volunteer

A lot of people think about volunteering as clearing up canals or working in a soup kitchen. That kind of thing is great, but it doesn’t suit everyone. Sitting on a board to make sure a charity is meeting its strategic aims can be a much better use of your skills and is a really valuable way to contribute.

I’ve met great interesting people

The Outside the Box Board is made up of some fascinating people from within and outwith the third sector. We have a real mix of skills and experience and I can’t count the number of times that someone has said something that’s given me real pause for thought. We’re also lucky that we have a close relationship with the staff team and we have a chance to get involved and meet people from the communities we support.

It’s helped with my day job

I run a small mental health charity and being part of a Board has helped me understand that from a different perspective. It’s given me the confidence and skills to take on a leadership role and to work in a more strategic way.

It’s been a good use of my skills

Another part of my day job is supporting charities to improve how they communicate. So often, I spend a day training them and then I move on without seeing what happens next. Being on a Board is a great way to have a sustained and consistent impact and learn about what works in real life.

I’ve dealt with change and challenges

Outside the Box has grown from a tiny team to a Scotland-wide charity with a sizeable budget. There have been huge opportunities and challenges that have gone along with that and it’s been really rewarding to be involved in shaping how we navigate those. It’s taught me a lot that I’ve been able to apply in other areas of my life.

I’ve felt involved in the difference the difference the charity has made

I love being part of a charity that is so innovative and take such a participatory approach to making a real difference in communities. As a Board member, I feel really involved in making sure that the work we do is true to our values. It’s been so interesting to see things grow from a proposal to the Board to a successful project that is changing people’s lives.

Find out more and apply here. 



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